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Wreck Tour - A DIVER Guide

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This eagerly awaited book brings together the first 25 Wreck Tours published in DIVER Magazine. The tours have been fully revised and updated, covering wrecks located from Land's End to the Shetland Isles and ranging from tugboats to container ships. It includes the Maine, Breda, Mohegan and the Salsette. The guide also looks at the 'Anatomy of a Shipwreck' to help divers navigate and identify and put names to individual elements of a wreck.

Available from Underwater World Publications, 16.95 + 1.50 p&p.

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Wreck Sketches

The detailed sketches I have made to produce all the wreck tours published by Diver Magazine and many more not yet published are available as A4 size colour line drawings, either just as sketches or with annotations.

The list of wrecks is simply too many to put here and still growing. However, if it is a UK wreck and you can find photographs of it in my picture library , the chances are I will also have a sketch of it available.

Please contact me to confirm availability and sort out your order. Prices are £7 per sketch plus postage. For an additional £1 I can laminate the sketch for you.

Wreck Illustrations

Full colour wreck illustrations by Max Ellis, award winning illustrator for the Diver Magazine wreck tour series are available by special order. Prices vary depending on size of print, print medium, the wreck concerned and the also some are limited editions. These are high quality works of art with prices to match. Again, please contact me to discuss the wreck artwork you would like to purchase and we will quote you a price.

Last Updated: Mon Aug 10 2009